Real Geese Silhouette Decoys, Goose Decoys and Duck Decoys by LSP Webfoot
Real Geese..."The Most Technologically Advanced Silhouette Decoys Ever Produced"
Real Geese Decoys Testimonials
"Since I have been really involved in high school activities the last couple years, it has been difficult to find time to hunt with my Dad.  Luckily, I was able to go with him on opening day of the 2006 season.  Setting up before light, Dad was explaining how we would arrange the decoys in order to get the geese to land right in front of our blind.  I was amazed as we watched them land exactly where he said they would during our morning's hunt.  We used about 8 dozen Pro Series II's, Pro Series and Sit'n Geese mixed together for this hunt.  Just the two of us were able to carry everything we needed in one trip to the blind.  The trip back to the truck was far more difficult.  Thanks to Dad and Real Geese decoys, I was able to bag my first neck collared/banded Canada goose".

Aly Slotterbeck,
Daughter of Jim, Real Geese Waterfowl Specialist
I started hunting waterfowl in 1984 using tar paper & survey marker decoys. Over the years, I’ve hunted with every thing from stuffers on down. Real Geese Decoys are the best, they are able to pull geese, they are the most durable, and are the easiest to store, transport and maintain.

David Douville,
Field Marshall, Sean Mann Outdoors
President, Ord's OTR Tire Service, Inc.
"Real Geese decoys make life easy for me when the fields are to wet to drive on. Let's see 3 guys drag 8 dozen fullbodies into a wet field. Real Geese are by far the best decoys of their class. They have always stood by their products. I use all of the Real Geese products including the Econo Snows/Blues with great success on my yearly journeys to North Dakota and Manitoba. Their lightweight design allows us to haul more decoys without having to use a trailer. As a retired duck and goose call maker, I believe the best call is a great decoy! I appreciate a great American made product."

Kelly Gadus
Ohio State and Regional Duck Calling Champion and retired call maker.