Question: Why are there 3 different styles of Real Geese silhouettes?

Answer: We manufacture the Magnum Lite 3D’s, Pro Series, and Pro Series II. Each has different characteristics that goose hunters find work best for them.

The Magnum Lites are the decoys that started it all. They are produced in 12 separate poses, using dead-flat inks and detail enhanced artwork.

The Pro Series line represent the next step in the evolution of silhouette decoys. We manufacture these using the same 12 poses, inks and detail enhanced artwork. However, we have added a patented, non-reflective, textured surface to one side of the decoy. This surface virtually eliminates the chance that the decoy will “return light”(shine). The Pro Series II can best be described as the “custom decoy” of silhouette decoys. Totally new, highly detailed artwork combined with 12 new poses and our patented Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy.

Question: On the original Pro Series, why is the non-reflective surface only on one side of the decoy?

Answer: Two Reasons:

  1. The sun can only hit one side of the decoy at a time. Simply face the Pro Series side of the decoy toward the rising/setting sun. It’s not difficult to tell the sides apart, even in the dark. By design, when the non-reflective side is facing the sun, the decoys will not be all facing in the same direction.
  2. Cost, we believe the Pro Series is a superior product at a competitive price.

Question: Then why is non-reflective material necessary on both sides of the Pro Series II?

Answer: By having the Pro Series material on both sides the hunter has a little more “freedom” when setting up a decoy spread. The PS II can be put out without having to pay attention to a particular direction. Hunting on bright sunny days is no longer a problem, no matter which direction the birds come from.

Question: How big are the decoys?

Answer: We believe that size matters, the proper size. Our Canada decoys are about 20% larger than a live 12 lb. Honker. Our Snows/Blues, Specklebellies and Mallards are about 15% larger than live birds. Most importantly, our decoys are sized to offer maximum visibility in the field, without appearing to be unnatural. Each species of decoy is in proportion with the rest of your spread.

Question: Why wood stakes?

Answer: Our wooden stakes are made from hardwoods that are 10 times stronger than steel by weight. This wood offers a better resistance to cold temperatures than plastic. We are able to paint them to match the decoys so that they blend in rather than stand out.

Question: How does a 2 dimensional decoy work?

Answer: Waterfowl are only able to see in 2 dimensions. The location of their eyes(on the sides of their head) means that their cannot work together like those of a human. So a 2 dimensional decoy does not look unnatural to them.

Question: Won’t they disappear when the birds are directly overhead?

Answer: Geese look at the “big picture” when surveying a spread. If the birds do pass overhead before making a commitment, it’s impossible for every decoy to disappear at the same time, remember they are looking out of the sides of their heads, not the front. By setting your decoys at different angles they will appear and disappear as the birds swing around your spread. This offers the illusion of movement in your decoy spread that can only be achieved by using silhouette decoys.

Question: How many Real Geese decoys does it take to have an effective decoy spread?

Answer: There are far to many variables involved to simply answer this one. We believe that a good starting point is around 3 dozen Real Geese per hunter. A hunter can comfortably carry 3 dozen Real Geese decoys.

Question: Can Real Geese be used with other types of decoys?

Answer: Yes. Our decoys blend in well with all types of decoys. While traditional shells and fullbodies offer a limited number of poses it is important to note that a hunter can have 30 entirely different poses by using the Real Geese Pro Series, Pro Series II, and Sit’n Geese. We believe this helps eliminate the “toy soldier” effect associated with a full body/shell only spread of decoys. Silhouette decoys also offer a higher, “bill board” type, profile than most conventional shells.

Question: How much does a dozen Real Geese silhouettes weigh?

Pro Series II: 11 lbs.
Pro Series: 10 lbs.
Magnum Lites: 9 lbs.
Econo Snows/Blues: 4 lbs.
Sit’n Geese: 5 lbs.
Specklebelly: 9 lbs.
Mallards: 6 lbs.

Question: How do I use silhouette decoys on ice or in frozen ground?

Answer: There are several ways to continue hunting with your Real Geese decoys throughout the winter season. Our standard Stake Hole Punch works well on lightly frozen or hard ground. The Slide Hammer Stake Hole punch is loosely based on the old fence post driver. It uses a hammering motion with a hardened steel point to produce a stake sized hole in hard frozen ground or ice. Another proven effective method is the use of a battery operated drill and a 3/4″-1′ auger or masonry drill bit. This system works best with 2 fully charged batteries when putting out a larger number of decoys.

Question: What’s the best way to clean Real Geese?

Answer: In most cases, the best method is to use a garden hose and spray the decoys after use. In extreme cases, they can be brushed with a light bristled brush(tooth brush) to remove stubborn mud.