• Our silhouette decoy Stake Hole Punch is designed to be used in hard or lightly frozen ground. By holding the "T" handle and stepping on the foot peg, a stake-sized hole is produced. The simple design allows for quick decoy placement by punching a hole that is the proper width and depth for goose and duck silhouette decoys. Powder Coated and manufactured from carbon steel, it will withstand a lifetime of field use. This product has been considered "standard issue" for our Pro Staff and Goose Hunters everywhere.
  • You have asked and Real-Geese have answered.  We are proud to announce our Shadow series Sleeper pack.   Sold in 1 doz packages.  These lightweight affordable decoys will provide any goose decoy spread with a great looking affordable decoy that will not only save on your budget, but perform!   Each set is now sold with our New 20” powder coated black stakes.  Our detail in our Shadow series is unmatched and our clear overprint reduces glare.
  • Field tested for 3 full seasons before being introduced in 2006, our silhouette bag is made of 600 Denier material with PVC backing material. Due to our extensive field testing, high stress areas have been identified and reinforced with extra stitching. Unlike other silhouette bags currently on the market with complicated straps, folds, and buckles, our bag uses the minimum number of straps and loads/unloads easily from the top. The bag easily hold 4 dozen decoys.
  • The Slide Hammer Stake Hole Punch is a helpful tool when using silhouette decoys under adverse weather conditions. It is designed to produce a stake sized, six inch deep hole in extremely hard ground, frozen ground, or through ice. The hole punch is a self-contained unit that consists of a housing, internal hammer, and knife assembly. Simple in design and use, it's operation is loosely based on the old fence post driver idea. The Slide Hammer is definitely another "weapon" in the arsenal of the waterfowler that wants to hunt under the harshest conditions when the birds love to fly.
  • Anyone who has observed geese knows that in cold weather or around water, geese love to sit. The Sit'n geese are six entirely different poses designed to simulate resting/feeding members of the flock. Comparable in size with the Magnum Lite, Pro Series and Pro Series II, these decoys use a more highly detailed artwork and the patented non-reflective Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. Suited for use in the field, around any type of water, in cold weather/snow or late morning shoots these decoys will compliment your existing decoy spread. These decoys also look great when used on the water with V-boards or Y-boards to provide the proper flotation. Sold in 1/2 dozens with color matched stakes.
  • Real-Geese is proud to announce the addition to it’s fleet of decoys with our new Pro Series III Sleeper Silhouette Decoys. Real Geese has developed n realistic sleeper pose that will do wonders to fill out your spread and provide comfort for those that are locked in to your surrounding decoys. Our patented Pro Series III decoy is half the weight of our Pro Series 2 and with our dual sided signature cloth glare is never an issue.  Paired with a 20” long tempered powder coat stake, alongside our signature wooden stake we have all types of ground types covered. Sleeper Silhouette Decoys are sold in 12 packs with 2 sets of stakes.
  • Shadow Series Canada Geese (3 Dozen)

    We have been working diligently on this series for the past few years to make sure we provide you with the best possible image, and decoy at an affordable cost. This Shadow series comes with 6 distinct poses printed on a highly durable plastic that is not only lightweight but waterproof, and every decoy comes with a highly durable metal stake that is adjustable to high winds and variable soil conditions. Decoys come packaged in 3 dozen packs only. $49.99 Per Dozen ***SOLD IN 3 DOZEN PACKS ONLY***
  • The Canada silhouette decoys that started it all. These decoys have stood withstood "test of time" to become a virtual legend in goose fields across North America. We start with detail enhanced artwork that is more dramatic than nature itself, combined with the highest quality materials and the most advanced production methods to produce a decoy that offers consistent performance and exceptional durability. Each dozen has 12 separate/distinctive poses with the correct blend of active/feeders and uprights. We use wood stakes that is stronger than steel by weight and offers a higher resistance to cold weather than plastic. These are custom painted so that they blend into the decoy, but also look like legs that avoid the look of your decoys "floating" in a field. Their size is approximately 15% larger than a 12 pound Honker and the weigh only 9 pounds per dozen.
  • Real-Geese wanted to give our hunters more poses for our Pro Series 2 line of decoys. So we produced the Magnum Lite poses on our signature cloth.  Now you can have 24 different Pro Series 2 Poses!  The same stakes the same cloth, just a different pose for your spread.  We ran a very limited number of these doz decoys so get these awhile supplies last! Their size is approximately 15% larger than a 12 pound Honker and the weigh only 9 pounds per dozen.
  • Our New Patented Line of Pro Series 3 Decoys are now available for purchase.

    We have worked really hard on this decoy. Our Pro Series 3 Decoys features a new patented specialized blend of materials covered with our signature patented cloth to reduce the dreaded glare/sheen. Our Pro Series 3 decoys are 1/2 the weight of our Pro Series 2 decoys. Now you can carry more decoys to the field than you could ever before.  We understand everyone hunts with our decoys all over the world, and with that different types of ground are common; these Pro Series 3 decoys now come packaged with 2 options for stakes and also 2 more options can be purchased separately. Our new Composite stakes, that resemble our signature wooden stakes, or the new Dual Fiberglass rod stake system are packaged with the decoys. These decoys can now accept 4 different types of stakes within the same decoy. Composite, Dual Fiberglass, Wood, and Wire. This gives any hunter the flexibility to use any stake you desire in the type of ground you are hunting in. 3 of the stakes use our Lock in method to prevent the stake from falling out or being pulled out during cleanup. Our 4th stake is weaved within the decoy to prevent the wire from falling out of the decoy. We have used state of the art technology to provide you with the most realistic looking decoys we have made to date. Each decoy has a distinct look and color and gives your spread a much more detailed look to it.

    With this introduction of the Pro Series 3, these are 12 NEW poses. We don't continue to use the same poses over and over. We want our hunters to have many different poses. This brings the Real-Geese distinct pose count to 54.

  • In a world of custom decoys, the Pro Series II can only be described as "Custom Silhouettes". We added our patented, textured, non-reflective surface to both sides of the decoys, developed new artwork for a more detailed, true to life color image, and 12 entirely new poses. We stuck with the features that worked; highest quality materials, better/more demanding production methods, and the color matched wood stake system. We sized them to be proportional with our existing line of decoys, about 15% larger than 12 pound Honker. They work well when used by themselves or with any of our current decoys. When used together with the Magnum Lites or original Pro Series and the Sit'n Geese a field hunter can now have 30 entirely different poses in their decoy spread. No "toy solider" effect here!
  • The Real Geese Ultimate Hunters Package includes 1 Dozen Pro Series III Decoys, 1 Dozen Pro Series II Decoys, 1 Dozen Magnum Lite Decoys, 1/2 Dozen Sit'n Geese Decoys, 1 Dozen Shadow Series Decoys and 1 Decoy Bag.