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    One glance and you’ll know that the Real Mallards are destined to be in hunting rigs for years to come. Drawing on our years of field and manufacturing experience and the input of other waterfowl hunters, we loaded every feature we could think of into a 7 pound package of silhouette awesomeness. Making them Pro Series II means our patented non-reflective surface is on both sides of the decoy. Totally new artwork and with 12 different poses, they are sized 30% larger than our old Mallard decoys. For better field visibility and realism they are packaged with 7 Drakes and 5 Hens per dozen. Of course, our color matched stakes are included.
  • Pro Series II Black Ducks Xtreme Definition ~ Patented, Non-Reflective Surface on Both Sides are long believed to be the wariest of ducks, the Black Duck has become a true Waterfowlers' trophy. Pro Series II Black Ducks are made with advanced digital graphics and true life colors to create a lifelike image. Natual darkness of the Black Duck makes the decoys stand out in most hunting situations. They are a welcome addition to your spread when targeting Black Ducks but will also serve as an excellent confidence decoy. Real Black Ducks are life sized with color matched stakes. Sold per dozen with 12 individual poses.
  • Pro Series II Pintails Xtreme Definition ~ Patented, Non-Reflective Surface on Both Sides are an excellent way to "dress up" a field spread or around your pit. Digital detail enhanced artwork and colors. Life sized with color matched stakes. Pro Series II Pintails are sold per dozen which include six drakes and 6 hens in 12 individual poses.
  • Field tested for 3 full seasons before being introduced in 2006, our silhouette bag is made of 600 Denier material with PVC backing material. Due to our extensive field testing, high stress areas have been identified and reinforced with extra stitching. Unlike other silhouette bags currently on the market with complicated straps, folds, and buckles, our bag uses the minimum number of straps and loads/unloads easily from the top. The bag easily hold 4 dozen decoys.
  • Our silhouette decoy Stake Hole Punch is designed to be used in hard or lightly frozen ground. By holding the "T" handle and stepping on the foot peg, a stake-sized hole is produced. The simple design allows for quick decoy placement by punching a hole that is the proper width and depth for goose and duck silhouette decoys. Powder Coated and manufactured from carbon steel, it will withstand a lifetime of field use. This product has been considered "standard issue" for our Pro Staff and Goose Hunters everywhere.
  • The Slide Hammer Stake Hole Punch is a helpful tool when using silhouette decoys under adverse weather conditions. It is designed to produce a stake sized, six inch deep hole in extremely hard ground, frozen ground, or through ice. The hole punch is a self-contained unit that consists of a housing, internal hammer, and knife assembly. Simple in design and use, it's operation is loosely based on the old fence post driver idea. The Slide Hammer is definitely another "weapon" in the arsenal of the waterfowler that wants to hunt under the harshest conditions when the birds love to fly.