• Our silhouette decoy Stake Hole Punch is designed to be used in hard or lightly frozen ground. By holding the "T" handle and stepping on the foot peg, a stake-sized hole is produced. The simple design allows for quick decoy placement by punching a hole that is the proper width and depth for goose and duck silhouette decoys. Powder Coated and manufactured from carbon steel, it will withstand a lifetime of field use. This product has been considered "standard issue" for our Pro Staff and Goose Hunters everywhere.
  • Field tested for 3 full seasons before being introduced in 2006, our silhouette bag is made of 600 Denier material with PVC backing material. Due to our extensive field testing, high stress areas have been identified and reinforced with extra stitching. Unlike other silhouette bags currently on the market with complicated straps, folds, and buckles, our bag uses the minimum number of straps and loads/unloads easily from the top. The bag easily hold 4 dozen decoys. Stake Hole Punch and decoys sold separate.
  • The Slide Hammer Stake Hole Punch is a helpful tool when using silhouette decoys under adverse weather conditions. It is designed to produce a stake sized, six inch deep hole in extremely hard ground, frozen ground, or through ice. The hole punch is a self-contained unit that consists of a housing, internal hammer, and knife assembly. Simple in design and use, it's operation is loosely based on the old fence post driver idea. The Slide Hammer is definitely another "weapon" in the arsenal of the waterfowler that wants to hunt under the harshest conditions when the birds love to fly.
  • Our Line of Econo Series  Specklebelly Decoys are now available for purchase.

    Anyone who has spend much time hunting Specks knows what a frustrating experience it can be. When it’s right, it can be the hunt of a lifetime. In producing these decoys, we drew upon years of Specklebelly goose hunting experience to help us manufacture the most effective Specklebelly silhouettes on the market. Seeing is believing and we and our customers  have experienced some awesome results simply by adding some Real Geese Specklebellies into existing spreads.

    True-to-Lift colors and feather detail are matched with our patented no-reflective Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. Each dozen uses our powder coated wire stakes and contains six different postures. Sized to look in proportion with your decoy spread, yet large enough to attract the attention of the most wary birds.

    Color matched and wire stakes capabilities


    The Real-Geese team has spent over a year developing and changing the way these bags work. This bag comes to you able to carry up to 6 dozen of our shadow series decoys comfortably over your shoulder.  The over the shoulder nylon strap has a nice, embroidered cushion for easy carrying.  We have increased the padding and structure around the bag to help it stand on its own without any assistance to help loading and unloading in the fields.   We also put magnet clips instead of buckle clips to help in the frigid temps with gloves and durability.  The bags completely fold flat for easy storage in the fields and in the garage.  This bag is the next step in making carrying your decoys to the field safer, easier, and more economic. Enhanced stitching for durability, increased dimensions by 2 inches each direction, better magnetic closures as well as being fully produced in the USA.
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    Anyone who has spent much time hunting Specks knows what a frustrating experience it can be. When it's right, it can be the hunt of a lifetime. In producing these decoys, we drew upon years of Speckbelly goose hunting experience to help us manufacture the most effective Specklebelly silhouettes on the market. Seeing is believing as we and our customers have experienced some awesome results simply by adding some Real Geese Specklebellies into existing spreads. True-to-life colors and feather detail are matched with our patented non-reflective Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. Each dozen uses our color matched stakes and contains six different postures. Sized to look in proportion with your decoy spread, yet large enough to attract the attention of the most weary birds.


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